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Has anyone else ever felt like this?

I have a few mental illnesses from childhood experiences and genetics. My two main ones are Anxiety and Depression because my psychiatrist said she wants me to have the common ones until I'm 18 because I show signs of worse mental issues but it's just something to deal with my brain still developing. Anyway I'm 14 and I know my life isn't the worst it can be but it surly isn't the best, I'm sure most people can say that to be honest, we all have our limits and saying someone can't be sad because others have is worse is equal to saying someone can't smile because others have it better. Anyway I was only diagnosed 8 months ago because my parents realized something was wrong so they got me on medication and in counseling. But I have always had this weird feeling since I was very little. I've always felt the need to run away. Nothing serious though. I just felt like I needed to get alone for a day or two then come back to my everyday life.To collect myself so when I return I'll function better or something. I've had these weird urges to run away like that since around the age or 6 or 7, I think the reason being that that's when I truly learned what death meant (I started attending funerals at the age of three and remember everything and the bonds I had with those people that passed so it was extreme for a toddler and had some mental affects on me) So I just wanted to know if anyone else that has some type on mental illness has felt the need to leave/ run away for just a little?

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    Yes. That's an instinctual thought. Instincts are compulsion that are directed by chemicals in your body.

    The brain is an interpreter, and your brain interprets these chemical signals.

    Anxiety is one such instinct. Your urge to run away and reset your mood/life is how your brain thinks you should treat your anxiety problems.

    This interpretation survived bc it was effective enough to survive. That's how evolution works.

    You are not beholden (you don't have to do) to your instincts. Your therapy is teaching you how to do this.

    Something to ponder: your past experiences did not create your anxiety disorder. Rather, HAVING an anxiety disorder made those experiences seem traumatic bc that's what anxiety disorders are: exaggerated responses to stressors (things that cause stress).

    You are a rarity here on Y!A. It is redolent with people claiming to have anxiety disorders and depression, but FEW have ever seen a psychologist, psychiatrist or any doctor about their issues

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