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Should I become a chew?

Okay so this is serious question, so basically I have been a dancer all my life ( I’m 15 and I’m a freshmen in highschool ) and I have all this time becoming a pretty good dancer I would say, I’m known at school for being super flexible and pretty talented at it but I’m getting kinda bored at dance and I’m not rlly improving because it’s just not what it used to be. It might be due to the fact that no one at my studio rlly likes me that much because I have a dorky personality and I don’t respond well to people trying to boss me around and a lot kids there try to boss me around and I always have a snarky comeback so I guess it’s kinda my fault. The reason I want to join cheer is because my best friend is on the team and the coach apparently talks about me in practice as like inspiration to get more flexible so I know she already likes me but I don’t wanna give up all my experience at dance but it’s rlly something I wanna do but I know if I quit dance my parents will be super disappointed in me and I would talk to them about this but my parents aren’t rlly open to discussing feelings n such. I would join best year so 10th grade and I feel like highschool is about trying things out and I kinda just wanna try something new.

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    Yes I will

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