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Leg pain for 7 months no resolution, any suggestions on what to test for or has anyone experienced anything similar to this?

I have been to numerous doctors and have had tests done so far they have not found anything. I have been experiencing a consistent leg pain in my right leg below my knee to the right side of it and behind the knee that travels to my foot and hurts since November 2017. Most mornings upon waking my leg and foot feel stiff almost numb. When I get out of bed and put pressure on it its achy to walk on, over the next few hours it clears up. Walking sometimes hurts and going up or down stairs makes my leg feel like I am over extending it almost like its pulling wrong. Sometimes there is warmth in my upper thigh when sitting. I can feel the achy pain in my leg sitting, standing or walking, it is only the right leg. What can I have the doctors test or look for? Thank you

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    Do you go bicycling? Do you exercise? You may have a hyperextended knee due to poor posture when, for example, you are riding a bike but don't allow for enough leg room and proper knee placement during riding.

    If the doctor rules out deep vein thrombosis, it seems likely you are putting your leg into an awkward position and stressing your knee joint.

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