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Is someone psychic attacking me or something !?!?!?!?!?

I keep hearing voices I'm not insane because I've been told and told again by psychiatrists that this stuff doesn't make me insane and its not a serious psychiatric illness but it could be seen that way , I'm on meds however I've been taking them for 3 years and they haven't helped even a bit they just make me lathargic which makes it harder to cope and concentrate over the 'control freak' inside my head. Basically what the voice says to me is that it's going to kill my family and if I want to save them I have to do what it says , it's said things in the past like my sister is about to get beaten up and she did the same day, it said 'I'm on the way to getting stabbed' on repeat for weeks and I actually did get stabbed in a random attack, when I talk with the voice it says '**** off and go blind' 'I'm damien I'm damien' I'm having non stop nightmares and the abuse has lasted years now If this was a real person I would of already killed them by now and I feel like I'm going insane,, WTAF IS GOING ON PLEAZE TWLL ME COZ IM LOSING MY FRIENDS IM SCARWD AND IN DANGER OF EVERYTHING IT SAYS TO ME

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    Insane and hearing voices are 2 different things. Insane means u believe the voices. But since ur voices claims tend to come true u may have a demon. Giving in to them is very stupid.

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    Go to the hospital, and call your psychiatrist. The voice is wrong. It is lying. Instead, you should not hurt anyone. Try to calm youself with boring mellow music, a warm shower, or a funny tv show, for instance.

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