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would a virgo-virgo romantic relationship work?

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    Virgo Woman Virgo Man

    This combination is one of the most erotic of the zodiac!

    Virgo woman is Sensual, Romantic, Feminine, Beautiful, Sexy, Caring, Intelligent and Spiritual. Virgo Man cant resist to the charm or seduction of the Virgo Woman!

    I am saying this with base on my personal experience, not actually based on astrological texts, but rather based on reality!I have many friends who are Virgo girls and their soulmates are virgo boys and they are happy, they are dating and some with children and married.A Virgo woman is a bomb, she is a Femme Fatale!

    Virgo man loves Virgo woman very much and does everything to see her happy

    Virgo woman and Virgin Man have everything to be successful in friendship, life, love, sex and marriage

    Virgo Woman and the Virgin Man are an erotic combination, sensual, romantic, passionate and happy

    Some examples famous Virgo Woman and Virgo Man

    Sarah Roemer Chad Michael Murray

    Livia Giuggioli Colin Firth

    Alessandra Rosaldo Eugenio Derbez

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    no lol

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    Depends on the two individual.s

    Two points here (astrologically-speaking):

    (1) Virgo is ONLY the Sun sign . .just one out of 40-50 factors in the unique birthchart for any given individual (a map of the "ecliptic" for the moment the person was born, as seen from where they were born). Sun-sign astrology has next-to-nothing validity, and is basically a money-maker for writers who don't care. The Sun sign is easy to find, since Sun's position matches calendar dates and none of the rest of the chart does. This makes it a scam.

    (2) How people relate to each other, astrologically, is NOT determined by the signs of ANY of their 10 "planets". It is determined by the "synastry aspects" .. certain distances that may or may not exist between any of your 10 planets and any of their 10 planets. And you cannot find these from the signs.

    Don't worry about synastry between you and your partner until you have been dating them for at least 2 years. And if you aren't even dating them yet, then you are just trying to use astrology to feed your preferred fantasy about the person.

    Look .. no relationship is without problems once the newness wears off. And the attraction and the love is NOT enough to keep the couple together if they cannot work out the problems.

    So the synastry doesn't help much until the problems have started to crop up .. it helps by giving detail about what needs are conflicting and causing the problems, and sometimes this can help solve the problems.

    We are never bothered by the attraction of love .. but the divorce rate of 50% is proof that if love was all it took then every relationship would work.

    But don't go comparing Sun signs .. that is absolutely worthless. Some of the best long-term marriages I have encountered in my decades as a consulting astrologer have been marriages between Sun-signs that the scammers call "incompatible".

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    Yes, there is high chance that it will work as long as you keep it as a diplomatic business relationship. But it will be romantically hopeless as both of you will look for perfection in each other and will get devastated each day.

    Source(s): Sixth Sense
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    Like we really know. Go get a professional astrologer and pay well. Ever hear someone pay astrologers to be wrong?

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    Astrology is fake.

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