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Am I in the wrong in this situation?

I m going to try and shorten this but basically I was talking to a guy last year and we both agreed that we didn't want a relationship at the time and that whatever we were we would just leave it like that. We live in different towns. Well earlier this year, he would start texting me less and less and so I stopped trying and we grew apart some and I lost feelings. When he started to contact me more, I told him I didn't know what I wanted and that its because of us growing distant that I wasn't sure I wanted to be romantically involved with him. We had another convo about us being friends and he seemed accepting of it and said he knew he was in the friend stage and it was okay. A few weeks ago we hung out with some friends and I guess he felt a connection again and I didn't but I didn't know that he did at the time. Fast forward to now he texts me saying he wanted to start hanging out more again and to rebuild what we had and I reminded him of our convo and said that I just wanted to be friends. He completely flipped out on me and acted like a child who didn't get his way. He said he always gets what he wants and that I was being a ***** and that Im unstable and moody. So simply put: I lost feelings for him because we grew apart and when I told him I just wanted to be friends he freaked out and said everything he could to hurt me. He expects that since he felt a connection again that I was supposed to also and because I didn't, he got pissed. Am I in the wrong here??

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    I don't think you are in the wrong at all. There is no point committing to a relationship if your heart isn't in it. This guy needs to realize that relationships cannot be forced. You did this guy a favor by not using him. I would point out to him how much more upset he would be if you were to break up with him because you didn't feel the same way. I can guarantee that he would be feeling far more worse than he is now.

    Source(s): Can you see yourself ever being in a relationship with this guy?
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    No, that's ridiculous.

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