cheap way to build a tiny soundproof room?

Okay so i want to build a tiny room inside my bedroom that i can soundproof and my question is how exactly could i do that ? i have quite a large bedroom and I ve recently been wanting to start making music the problem is my apartment has thin walls, a young family lives above me and i don t want to disturb anyone because i work mostly very late at night. I also don t make very much money so how can i build a small soundproof area where i don t have to worry about being too loud?

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  • 3 years ago

    You cannot make a genuine "soundproof room" without quite serious structural work, building an inner room with sound-isolated double walls etc.

    The nearest you could get would be to make a floating room - basically a box, free-standing in the existing room.

    That would be a timber-frame plus plasterboard (sheetrock) room, with the walls, floor and ceiling filled with acoustic wadding and also the interior lined with batts of wadding wrapped in fabric. The whole frame would sit on a thick layer of "shock foam" type material so isolate it from the building structure.

    The next best thing is make the room as sound-absorbing as possible. That means covering all surfaces with soft sound-deadening material.

    That could be old bedsheets, carpets, rugs, curtains, or again acoustic batt wrapped in cloth to make hangable acoustic wall panels.

    Or something in between, like a rigid tent frame or small gazebo frame covered in acoustic panels inside & out.

    This is a typical acoustic batt material - there are many makes:

    You can also get sound insulation on a roll; both are similar to loft insulation / wall cavity insulation but specifically intended for sound deadening rather than heat trapping.

    Batts are stiffer and intended to hold their shape, the roll material is more flexible.

    If you are careful with batts you can just wrap them in cloth (eg. cheap bedsheets) and they can be hung as they are.

    The more flexible type material needs a frabe to keep it in a fixed shape.

    An example of one type of DiY panel:

    [Shock foam is this type of stuff - it's used for many things, like carpet underlay, under artificial grass, under playground surfaces, in gym mats etc. and is a good "structural" sound or vibration reducing base for floors. ]

  • 3 years ago

    Just rent a practice booth at a music school. Your landlord probably would object to your constructing a room within a room (building cide, insurance, etc).

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    it's not possible because you would need written permission from the owner of the building

    Source(s): former apt mgr
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