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I think i love my teacher .. ?

Ok i know this is ****** up. I really HATE teacher and students relationships before. Whenever there are movies or stories like that i always criticize them. Saying its gross. And that it is not right or normal.

But then i moved to other country and also school. I graduated from junior high school and now in high school. And there is this teacher, My math teacher. At first when i saw him i don't feel anything. But then i keep on thinking about him. At that time i don't really care. But after several months my feeling starts to grow. I don't want myself to like him so i convinced myself that i don't like him. But the 'feelings' won't dissapear. I thought i need someone to talk with so i told my friend ( she is older than me and she is always give best advices) and she told me that it is normal for students to have a crush sometimes on teachers and that it just a childish love and will dissapear soon. I agreed at her. But no. The feelings are getting stronger. I know that this is wrong. And he ( my teacher) doesn't do anything special towards me so don't misunderstand. He is 26 and im 16. This is just straight wrong. I don't want myself to like him. Please give me an advice. Thank you for reading this far ^-^

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    It's normal to have a crush.

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    Just enjoy your crush as it's normal. That being said you don't act on it and what happens over time is that your crush will fade away

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    Just don't do anything about it. Most of the time we screw up when we try to do something about it. Like never approach him or do anything. DON'T. Just stay as u are. There's nothing to worry about. It's normal. Feelings are strong but u know it's a one sided thing. Ur heart will learn that too soon. Just stay calm. And remember it's absolutely fine as long as u don't cross ur limits

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