Adelia asked in HealthWomen's Health · 3 years ago

i want to go back and see my female urologist,and i want get a new prescription for a antidepressant for my bladder. will she do it?

ok,so i want to go back to the female urologist that i only saw back in dec of 2016 for just that 1st time. she gave me an antidepressant that helped with my bladder,but i kept straining and i stopped taking the antidepressant because it made me feel happy. can antidepressants make a person feel happy?

it did help me pee.

what should i do? i have been having this problem for 5 months.

can i go back and see her?

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  • MissA
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    3 years ago

    You keep posting this. The answer remains the same: you will have to contact her and ask.

    The answer will depend upon whether she accepts your insurance, whether she still thinks that an antidepressant is a viable course of treatment, and (frankly) upon whether she feels comfortable treating a patient who's coping with mental illness which is not her specialty.

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