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Is it fair that my ex should keep our child full time?

I’m not sure where to ask this but:

The father of my child and I were living together in a rented house. I found out he was cheating and instead of throwing him out, I left and told him he was in charge of caring for him full time.

I am in a fortunate situation in that I’m 28 and have money so I was able to get a new place a few days after leaving.

I want to pay him child support and have him care for our son full time. as a mother I love him dearly but cannot teach him to be man, plus he cheated in the first place so why should I have the full responsibility of a child while he gets to run free.

He is a good father, but I didn’t want to deal with the b.s. of him trying to use our child as an excuse to stay together. I threatened to have his rights stripped if he refused to care for him full time.

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    You sound like a dead beat dad....Hopefully his father loves him enough to parent him full time!

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    life is not fair and your question is nothing

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    If anybody wonders why so many kids today have serious mental problems, just read this question. You're using an innocent child as a pawn so you can walk out of his life? If nothing else at least be honest. You're not doing this for your child, because a good mom would never say something that strange. You're doing this for your own selfish reasons.

    Also, you sound very ignorant when you say you threatened to have his rights stripped. What on earth makes you think you have this kind of power? You're like a toddler throwing a tantrum! Only the courts can remove his rights, and that's only if HE asks for it. Besides, if you're capable of walking away from your own child, maybe it's YOU who should be petitioning for your rights to be terminated.

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  • Froll
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    3 years ago

    By "the father of my child", I assume you mean "your husband". If he was NOT your husband, then you've learned a valuable lesson that you should have seen LONG beforehand. NEVER live with a guy that you're not married to and NEVER have a child with a man you're not married to. EVERYONE knows this. That being said, you're BOTH equally responsible for the child regardless. Go to court and let a judge explain what each of you is responsible for. Sounds to me like you're more interested in revenge than caring for and loving your child. Most women would have taken the child and left, not left without the child.

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    You can't have a father's rights stripped if he doesn't want to take care of his own child full-time and if he believes the mother needs to have a couple days a week or whatever, too This doesn't make him an unfit parent. That's up to a judge in a court of law to determine.

    but you abandoned both of them. So you'd be seen as the unfit one in this scenario, if a judge were consulted about it.

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    Sure, but where ever you got the idea that you can have his parental rights stripped from him on a whim is completely untrue.

  • Liz
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    You can't have him stripped of his parental rights, you unbelievable dumb@ss.

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    You can't strip him of his parental rights. Not something that is legally within your power. However, you can refuse custody and only require visitation. It'll be up to the courts to decide how that will shake down. You will be required to contribute to your child's support.

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    But don't just pass the child support, also be in his life. Boys need their mother as much as they need their father. You are in all your rights, but if you are divorcing him. Do not abandon your son. Be in his life too.

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