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Was him not replying, a "yes"?

I lost my license and have to get rides from people to and from work. 2 months ago, my friend who I am in love with (but he's involved so I'll never tell him), started giving me a ride home from work once a week or once every couple weeks. His job is close by and we get out around the same time (his job sometimes keeps him longer to help close). One time, he got out too late and called me and said to never hesitate to ask for a ride. I took that literally so I always ask him for a ride. Lately, he either hasn't been replying when I've asked or he has a legit excuse. However, it seems like he doesn't have a legit excuse, that's when he just completely ignores my message. A couple weeks ago, he didn't reply, he just read the couple of messages I sent him, one sent a few days prior to the day I needed a ride and one sent the day I needed a ride. That day, I waited an hour to see if I'd hear from him or to see if he'd give me a ride since he saw those messages and knew I needed one. Eventually, I gave up and had somebody else come get me.

Recently, I told him he's not obligated to me and I'd never want to burden him, but he doesn't react to that. I also haven't seen him since Mother's Day (we go to the same church). I know he's REALLY busy with work and his relationship, but I still feel ignored. We are usually pretty close. Monday, I messaged and asked if he could give me a ride home yesterday. He never replied. I sent him another Thursday night to confirm and he didn't read it


until a half hour after my shift was over and he implied he'd be able to give me a ride home, but it would be another hour before he could leave work to come get me. Did he really expect me to not work out another ride situation when he never even told me if he could or couldn't help me out? I told him I had already left. Later, I messaged asking him if it bothers him that I ask him for a ride so much and that he said never hesitate to ask, but I think he was just being nice. I told him I just

Update 2:

wanna make sure he doesn't hate me for always asking him for a ride and he read it, but didn't reply. I'm not sure he's even been online. Do you think him not replying, means that I do bother him and that he doesn't care for me anymore since I get on his nerves? lol

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    i would stop asking him, it dont sound like he wants to give you rides anymore

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