How to get over your first love/break up?

He's my first love and we dated for a year and 6 months, Both of our longest relationship. we broke up 3 days ago. He said we need to spend time apart over something that happened between us. He said we could possibly later reconnect. He said we're still best friends and he just needs time alone. and he doesn't want to be with me as of right now. How can I convince him or get over him. I made a stupid mistake. I didn't cheat or anything it was a mistake, self defense really and I hit his brother after he was hitting me. My first love cheated on me twice and did so much more bs and I took him back every time because i know that we belong together. You can say he cheated I should have left but... I found out a year later and I already invested so much into it... i couldn't let go. So how did you get over your heart break/first love.


He's the only boy I've ever cried over (all my other relationships were 4 months or shorter) and his longest was 11 months and she cheated. I just want him to see that we can over come anything. People go through worse **** and work it out.

Update 2:

I'm 18 and he's 20. We're young but we're ready to settle down. I know he is too he's just upset by what I did.

Update 3:

Like I would do anything for him. When he got kicked out over something. I brought him food to school when we were in HS. I would spend my last dollars on him.

Update 4:

I lost my Virginity to ...

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago

    My first break up was when I finished kindergarten and my “boyfriend” moved on to a different school to the one I was going to. I got over it pretty quickly.

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