What are the rules for buying tobacco in Spain and taking into the UK?

Looking at buying some tobacco whilst abroad for some friends because in the local shops it’s dirt cheap. How much can I buy? Do I have to pay more money again once at the airport? What’s the deal with duty free and what does it mean? I just want to help some mates out, I don’t want to be charged through the nose for it though

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    3 years ago

    so long as tax is already paid (in spain) you can import as much as you like PROVIDED ITS FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION

    So if you import a lot of it you may be required to show you smoke (if you dont smoke it cant be for personal consumption)

    then there is the quantity

    Tobacco has a shelf live- i.e it dont last indefinitely

    so IF the amount you import would last say 6 months at say 30 cigarettes/day it will ring alarm bells- cos that amount of cigarettes wont last 6 months

    (course all this is likely to change in 2019 when the UK exits the EU - THEN its likely to go back to the 200 cigarettes then oyu have to pay UK tax

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