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How come people think that I am a traitor to my own culture for wearing something that belongs to another culture?

So I am mad because everyone is accusing me of doing stuff that is extremely offensive. Recently the government of vietnam signed a 99 year lease contract to lease or sell vietnam to china. Almost everyone is complaning and crying saying that vietnam is no longer gonna exist when china takes over as they claim that the chinese people are gonna kill all vietnamese people. I love to wear the traditional chinese qipao dress and everyone claims that I am being extremely offensive. People told me that I am so insensitive for wearing and liking a dress when vietnam is about to be lost and gone forever. They said china is killing vietnamese peope and claims that they murdered a family of 6 last week. I looked it up and found no evidence so I called it fake news and everyone got mad. I don't care about is going to happen in vietnam. People in my family are scared to go over there now claiming that we can get killed. We have to go regardless of whatever the situation is over there cause I gotta meet my fiancee in vietnam who my aunt in vietnam is setting me up with. I am so tired of everyone. How come people says that I'm a traitor for liking another culture ?? How come people in my family think that I can get killed if I were to go over there ??

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    maybe theyre jealous that youre going to get to go over there while theyre not

  • How come you are insensitive to the fears and anguish of your family?

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