is it weird/bad to not have a driver's license at 20?

I just turned 20 a little bit over a month ago... I got my permit when I just turned 18 and then it expired a couple weeks ago. I never used it when it was valid. I tried to inquire about driver's ed offered but they told me I had to do 20 hours on the road with an immediate family member first. My mom said she wasn't going to take me out driving so I asked my uncle but he said he wouldn't either. I have no other family local.

I recently got a new driver's permit and I REALLY want to get my license before the summer's over and I go back to college... I'm tired of having my mom drive me everywhere (work, friends, etc) I feel like this really should have ended a couple years ago. I don't tell people I don't have my license because it seems embarrassing... Is it actually? I go to college in the city btw so it doesn't make a difference to anyone over there.

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago

    No, it's not. Many people, especially in cities with good public transportation, don't have them

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