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When it comes to your own gender, what topics are you the most/least defensive about?

I usually like to admit that women can be wrong sometimes when it comes to friendships and relationships because both women and men can be horrible friends/partners.


I like to stick up for my own gender when it comes to sensitive topics such as abortion. I believe men should have no say in this because they can never get pregnant. Plastic surgery & insecurities about looks is another thing I like to defend other women for, because women are pressured to look their best and get bullied mercilessly (especially by men) if they are considered ugly. I hate it when people whine and complain about women getting plastic surgery when it's toxic men (and other women) who bash them for being ugly.

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  • I am very defensive about body image, sex appeal, sex etc. For women. I think we blame it on men when it has NEVER been a man to make these decisions. Women choose to be sexualized, and they tear each other apart with their looks. No man has ever told me I am too fat or too skinny. They are happy to even be hanging out with me. While women have criticized my weight, makeup, hair, personality and more.

    I am least defensive about wage gap. I think it applies to third world countries or religious run countries. But in North America we get equal pay. Wage gap arises because women leave to have kids and in turn miss out on raises and promotions.

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    Men never get pregnant, but they sure get to pick up the bills for the next 18 friggin years. .right?

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