Should I be worried about my nose/sinuses?

The past few months I’ve awoken with a little bit of blood in my snot when I blow my nose in the morning. I will sometimes have a nose bleed during the day. Not a lot of blood but a little bit. I will sometime not have any blood in my nose but most times I will. I’ve gone to the dr about this and she says I have a very dry nose and I have an infection/swelling in my nose. She gave me antibiotics and steroids to help. After the antibiotics I still have blood in my nose every morning and most of the day. While I visited her the first time she said something about my septum. Maybe deviated? She also couldn’t tell if I have a polyp or not. Also, sometimes when I hock a loogie, there is yellow phlegm with a little boood in it. Should I be worried or is this actually normal? ALSO, I keep it pretty cold in my apartment.

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    3 years ago

    Sinus irritation can cause what you are experience, the irritation can be from infection, like you have. Infections are normally caused by something else blocking up the sinus passages. Could be a cold, allergies, inflammation from something like dry air or irritants like fumes, sawdust, paint, crap like that. Now you mentioned the deviated septum, they often have narrower passage ways that can clogged easier. You also mentioned polyps, again, growths that take up space making things easier to clog up. Worried is subjective, most likley it isn't cancer or a brain tumor like they thought I had when they saw that mass on the X-rays in my head. MRI's, or was it the cat scan, I forget, cleared that up. The mass was from scar tissue and polyps, so dense that x-rays picked it up, not suppose to happen. Oh, and other crap, doc's words. So continue to see the doc, if it escalates that will do scans at some point, and send you to an ENT, if they say you need surgery, thank your lucky stars, they will go in and fix all that crap. Waking up in the hospital the next morning with my nose still packed with gauze, I could still breath better then I could every remember. Been more then a decade now and instead of two infection a year at least, I haven't had one, not one.

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