An archeologist is running at 4 m/s with her hands outstretched above her head (1.85 m from feet to fingertips) while being chased.?

She runs exactly horizontally off of a chasm and attempts to grab onto the opposite side.

(a) If the chasm is 4.75 meters wide, how long does she take to cover this distance?

(b) During this time, what distance has she fallen vertically (use g = 10 m/s2)?

(c) How far above or below the edge of the opposite side do her fingertips fall? (Use + to indicate distances above the edge and - to indicate distances below the edge.)

1 Answer

  • Jim
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    horizontal distance traveled = 4.75 m

    time to travel horizontal distance = t = 4.75/4 ≈ 1.19 s ANS (a)

    vertical distance fallen = 1/2gt² = (5)(1.19)² ≈ 7.08 m ANS (b)

    finger tips fall below chasm = 7.08 - 1.85 ≈ 5.23 m = -5.23 m ANS (c)

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