Hairdressers or other experienced people: got any advice on how to get my hair to STAY blue, for as long as possible?

I've been doing semi-permanent, unnatural hair colors for years. Mainly pinks and purples, though. And generally speaking, my hair always takes to reddish pigments like a sponge! To the point that it lasts for months! (It's blonde, and I always bleach it almost white before dying it..)

But as of lately, I've been really, really keen on having BLUE hair! I have tried all sorts of different brands. Special Effects, Manic Panic, you name it.. But it always washes out almost instantly! During the first or second shower! As if my hair just refuses to properly absorb those blue toned pigments! And I just ain't got the time, or the money, to touch it up THAT ridiculously often. If there were permanent blue dyes out there, I would totally go for that! But there's no such thing, as far as I'm aware...

If I go to a hairdresser, do you think, realistically speaking, that they will have blue dyes that might last longer in my hair? Or that they can do SOMETHING, in order to make it last, that I currently can't? Honest answers appreciated... And just generally, any advice that you might have. :)

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  • 3 years ago

    All semi-permanent ones are like that so use a permanent one and it lasts a few weeks longer - I have grey hair but keep it mid brown with permanent hair dye which I have to do every 4-6 weeks

  • Those dyes are notorious for fading quickly, I've never had manic panic last more then a week on my hair and it's a very light blond. If it's a vegan dye then they shouldn't do any damage to your hair, but also they can stain your hair permanently. If you have to lighten your hair before you dye it that's where the damage can come from.

    If your hair isn't light blond or lighter then blue may not stay in your hair or it may fade quickly, so when you go to the salon ask them if you should get your hair lightened before they dye it blue. I've heard of people adding fashion dye into their shampoo to help make their hair colour last longer. Also the less often you wash your hair the longer those dyes will last. In between shampoos you can use dry shampoo.

    Try dyes like Arctic Fox, Ion brights, or Pulp Riot, they tend to last a bit longer then manic panic, they take less time to process and they bleed less then manic panic too. Ion brights you can get at Sally Beauty, Arctic Fox and Pulp Riot you can find on Amazon.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Shave it off there no hair to **** with

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Get a wig. Simple, no damage.

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