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"iPhone could not be activated as activation server is temporarily unavailable"?

I did a hard reset on my iPhone--when it restarted, I went through the welcome screen, choosing my language, etc. It prompted me to enter my iCloud information, which I did, but I received the message that "activation server is temporarily unavailable". I tried using my phone s password instead, same problem. I tried this on multiple wifi networks as well as through my cellular data--same results. I have tried to restore it on my PC several times--each time I get a message saying "your request couldn t be processed". It has been a few days now--I erased the phone from iCloud and Find My iPhone to get past the activation lock, but it still gives me the "activation server temporarily unavailable" or "your request couldn t be processed". Is there anything I can do to get my phone up and running again without going to support? The phone itself hasn t been hacked or jailbroken. It is 6+ model. iTunes and the software for the phone are up to date.

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  • 3 years ago

    You will have to wait until the activation server is available.

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