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My granpa passed away 3 days ago and I'm a mess. I've been crying for hours. Any advice?

My granpa passed away 3 days ago at 85. He fought during Korean war and was a decorated Marine with the navy cross. After the war he went into hardware and had a hardware store and then he retired. I was born in 1995. I was lucky to have him until now and I was lucky to have known such a person,not because the award. He wasn't a hero to me because of that,he was a hero to me because he raised 3 children,was a good husband,father and grandfather. I still can't believe he's gone and that I won't see him anymore. I'm a mess,I've been crying non stop for 3 days. Every wake moment I feel I wanna cry. I wish I would've told him I loved him,I wish I would've hugged him even if he wasn't the type of person who hugs. He may have appeared cold sometimes on the surface as he was the person you picture when you think about Marines but he deeply cared about his friends and family. I think he applied "Semper fidelis" also to his family and friends. In a world full of evil people he always knew what the right thing to do was or how to act. His death.. I just didn't see it coming . Apparently he had a heart attack and boom,he's no longer here. I just don't know what to do, my gf's tried to confort me,so my dad and so my friends but it hurts so much. Any help?


I can't get out of bed I don't want to get out of bad I don't wanna do anything I don't wanna go anywhere

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    Very sorry for your loss, you were so privileged to have him as your grandfather. He sounds like a wonderful person. The good never really leave us they are here watching over us and if we allow it we can feel it. What you need to do is focus on the good how many don't have grandfathers like that and how he would want you to be at peace. Often times they come to us in our dreams. The pain will ease and you will see signs of his presence.

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    I am sorry about your loss

    Its normal to cry when a love goes in a better place

    Cry because its a big release of stress

    It will get better in a few days

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