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How to fix split albums on iPhone?

My iTunes account is synced on my iPhone and computer, so whenever I download or buy a song in iTunes on my computer, it is automatically downloaded onto my iPhone. And if it is deleted in either device, it’s also deleted on the other one. I bought an album and it was fine until about two weeks later. On my iPhone, it split the album in two since some of the songs featured different artists. However, it was not split on my computer. I tried to check the spot in the info tab where it says “album is a compilation of artists”, and it let me check it, but nothing changed. I redid it a few times and restarted both my phone and computer but nothing changed. I googled it but couldn’t find anything besides what I’d already done. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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    I see the same thing with multi-artists albums.

    It looks like you have to multi-select the tracks that should be in the same album and set the "compilation" box for all at the same time.

    Plus, the "Album artist" field must be set & be identical for all the tracks in an album, to guarantee itunes sees all the tracks as a single album group.

    It's nonsensical as there is no single album artist with a compilation.... I'd probably use something like

    Various - the album title

    in that field, so it's unique to each album but not confusing the actual track artist names.

    More info:

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