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What do you think most WW2 veterans would think about Colin Kaepernick and his protests?

Recently, I have seen these memes on Facebook (see below) regarding the NFL anthem protesters.

These days, I don't meet or interact much with WW2 veterans. But I do drive a church van and pick up people who need a ride (it's mainly children, but sometimes older adults). In that capacity, over the past several years, I've become acquainted with a WW2 Marine Corp veteran. He's approaching his 95th birthday. He was a supply-staff sergeant and saw combat in numerous engagements like the Guadalcanal campaign. Primarily, he looks back on his life as a businessman (banking and real estate especially) -- so he doesn't talk about the war unless you pressure him on it. When I asked him about his wartime experiences, his comments were extremely cynical, especially regarding his abusive drill sergeant (in basic training) and the military bureaucracy. For example, he was sometimes pressured to release parachute kits that had not been fully inspected (some were missing crucial components), including one for former president George H. W. Bush, whom he personally met. I asked him about the NFL national anthem protesters and he said he hasn't paid any attention to it at all, but he still doesn't trust "big government" -- so if people want to protest, he can totally understand it.

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    My grandfather, now RIP, was a WW2 vet. He and I once talked about some dude who burned a flag. I think my grandfather would have the same thoughts about Kaepernick as he did for the guy we were talking about. He told me "I fought for the right of that person to protest against his government. The people I fought against did not have the right to protest against theirs. He has the freedom to burn that flag and I have the freedom to think that he's an azzhole for doing so. And that's why this is the greatest nation on earth."

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    They would smile.

    They won the war for freedom that allows us to do what kaepertnick does.

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    Deportation Now

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    The Hell's Angels were created by WWII veterans.

    Black WWII veterans would have approved of Colin Kaepernick's protest

    Source(s): I know more WWII combat veterans than you do
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      My wife is Japanese, we have been married 26 years, so we also know some combat veterans from Japan. We lived in Japan in the early 1900s (Nishinomiya), I speak Japanese, and I met some of them. Sadly, by now, most of them have likely passed away.

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    great meme. Kaepernick is a dog. let him lie

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    Most ordinary working people have little sympathy for whining millionaires who get paid to play children's games.

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    In context they would say "thank you Kaepernick this is the freedom we fought for. You show that our fight was not for nothing. Trump is a disgrace"

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