Which anime is better: Naruto or Sword Art Online?

This has been an ongoing argument between me and my friend. Please don't respond if you haven't watched both of them because you can't actually compare. Also, I understand that they might be hard to compare because one is long running and the other is shorter, but just weigh them in terms of characters, backgrounds, plot, action, themes, etc. PLEASE explain your answer in a neutral fashion. Thanks for the help!

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  • 2 years ago
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    I have seen both and like both of them, but I have to say that Naruto is the better one. There is a much deeper story filled with twists and plenty of action, whereas SAO feels a bit lackluster compared to Naruto (imo). Personally I don't really think you can compare the two, though they both are action oriented animes, they are very different. Naruto is a long running anime that ran for a decade, and therefore has much more depth and story. Sword Art only has a few seasons and the story and depth of characters are shallow compared to Naruto.

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  • 2 years ago

    None of the above

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  • 2 years ago

    Honestly I'd have to go with Naruto (including shippuden)

    SAO had a lot of promise and stared out good but towards the end and especially in the 2nd season it definitely was lacking. It just felt extremely rushed for me.

    Naruto has a lot of History, although there are too many fillers and flashbacks in it it still is a decent shounen anime.

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  • Raditz
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    2 years ago

    Note: This is strictly a comparison for the anime version of both titles, and not the LN/Manga.


    SAO: Has flawed and lots of plot holes right from the start, and they didn't bother to explained it.

    Naruto: It started slow, but they explained most of the story & plot holes on the entire series. And of course, there's fillers.


    SAO: Only focuses on Kirito + one main heroine, while the others were just there, hoping for Kirito's attention.

    Naruto: It's a mixed bag, since there's a lot of characters available. But mostly they're good.


    Both are the mainstream titles that popularize the theme, which is modern Ninjas for Naruto and VR Death Game for SAO.


    SAO has the better quality due to shorter airtime, while Naruto can sometimes inconsistent.


    Both SAO & Naruto has good OP & ED songs, but Naruto has more memorable BGMs. Also, Naruto voice actings were on a different level compared to SAO.

    My verdict: Naruto is better than SAO in most things.

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  • 2 years ago

    SAO is gamer porn, so just about every single anime out there is better than it.

    Characters? All characters exist for the sole purpose of reinforcing the notion of how awesome the MC is, and therefore are 2 dimensional at best as they don't need any depth in order to achieve that in the first place.

    Background? As in the actual backgrounds, or the character backgrounds? The former are acceptable, but the latter, as previously explained, are inconsequential to the purpose of the 'story' and thus are essentially non-existent.

    Plot? What plot? It's all just an excuse to show how 'awesome' the MC is.

    Action? Decent, at best.

    Themes? SAO had some very nice ideas, but they were ultimately wasted, as the title is intended for one purpose and one purpose only, to satisfy the fantasies of loner gamers, who'd rather live inside a game, rather than in the real world (as in VR in this case), be the ultimate cool character (lone wolf-style OP character), get all the girls (as in SAO is basically a harem, including a nonsensical incest element), possibly even have sex within the game (as in 16.5), possibly even a child, in-game (as in the AI that for some reason chose the MC to be its 'dad'), have the ultimate, most unexpected and unconventional OP skills (dual-wielding in this case) and be the smartest person around (as in that figuring out the final boss before you even get to the end of the game). While individually, these elements need not be bad, the fact that they comprise basically the entirety of the story, means that this story is empty and devoid of any worthwhile elements, or even that any effort was put into trying to tell an actual story. Porn doesn't need plot and SAO is no exception.

    All in all, SAO had tremendous potential, but it was utterly wasted in pursuit of the ultimate loner gamer fantasy tale (aka gamer porn) and the deeper you delve into it, the more obvious it gets.

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  • Murzy
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    2 years ago


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