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I have a ballet performance coming up and I have to do a triple pirouette in the dance. I can do it at home almost every time but at the studio I’m never able to do it. I end up falling out of the last one. I have a lot of people coming to see me perform this dance so I would really love some tips on how I could improve. I have less than 2 weeks before the performance. PLEASE HELP!

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    This is most likely because the floor at your dance studio provides less friction and support so if you turn too hard you would most likely fall out of it. try doing strengthening exercises or put hair spray on the sole of your ballet shoes so there would be more friction so you can land properly. Hope this helps:)

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    If you can't do a triple, just do a double. That's better than falling over - and the audience will never know.

    Many professional singers do something similar. If they can't reach a particularly high or low note, they sing one which they're comfortable with instead.

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    Discuss this with your teacher who can be on hand to see where you need help. However, my opinion is that you don't 'have' to do a triple pirouette as such. Pretty sure your teacher would prefer a well executed double than a badly landed triple and if you are not managing it in the studio as yet then you have even less of a chance onstage when nerves kick in. 'Almost' every time at home isn't good enough tbh.

    Hope your teacher can help but also hope she is satisfied with a really good double if not. I presume she has given you the dance to perform for other reasons than just the pirouette so put over the qualities of the rest of the dance.

    Best of luck.

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