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Are there any Belly Dance Programs in the US?

I want to be a belly dance instructor more than anything! I live in MO, in a small town where we don't have anything like that. I keep searching online and find nothing... I don't want to take anymore online courses. I want to be in the actual class and get intense training and be part of a program. I heard of Rachel Brice Program but I can't get in. It's full every time. If there is a chance, is there anything closer to Missouri? or cheaper unlike California?

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    Don't just look for classes in your are, but also workshops. Workshops are typically over a weekend, with classes on Fri, Sat and Sun. Saturday night there is usually a Gala show where students can perform. These happen all over the country. I don't know what major city is near you but cities are the place to look. I feel your pain, after Belly Dancing and performing for 10 years I have moved to a place with no classes and it sucks!

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    Sure. My town, which is not large, has a dance place that includes belly dancing and other dancing for adults, in addition to the programs for kids.

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  • 2 years ago

    I took three years of belly dancing through classes at the Y. They also had classes with night school through the standard adult education course guide. There are plenty of classes being taught in Missouri, you didn't give us the closest city to you so I can't pinpoint it down further.

    Google 'belly dance classes in Missouri' and just go from there. A lot came up with even just a basic search.

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