Can you start a blog in Dreamweaver?

I've tried to research this question and it seems like most people say not to because WordPress is easier. However, I already know how to use Dreamweaver and it's already downloaded on my computer which is starting to run out of room so I feel like using a program I already know would be easier than downloading and learning a new program. Also it seems like there would be more options using Dreamweaver. I've read that people can make changed in WordPress templates with Dreamweaver but that just seems like more work having to switch between the two programs. I've seen people attempt to explain issues someone might have with creating a blog in Dreamweaver but I don't understand what they are talking about. I've only created sites with Dreamweaver and I haven't actually uploaded them or whatever putting the site online is called so maybe it has something to do with that. From my understanding a blog is a website and Dreamweaver is a program to make websites so I don't understand why there are issues with it. Also, if it is possible to create a blog in Dreamweaver, why don't more people use it considering there are most likely more options even if it is more difficult. I have the same questions about Muse because while I haven't used it, I do have it downloaded on my computer and it seems like it might be similar to Dreamweaver but less complicated since coding knowledge isn't needed.

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    There are two parts to making any type of web page including a blog. You need a program to create the HTML of the pages and then you need a server to host these pages so that other people connect to the internet can access them. Dreamweaver only provides the first part, it provides an easy way to create the HTML for the pages, but it provides no way to allow other people to view them. Wordpress is a program that runs on a server connected to the internet and provides both parts, it let's you create the pages and also allow them to be accessible to other people on the internet.

    People use Wordpress over Dreamweaver because it's makes the process of setting up and running a blog much easier. A full featured blog would take weeks if not months to create in Dreamweaver and would also require several hours to create each new post. With Wordpress you can have a fully functioning blog in minutes, and can make new posts just as quickly. Yes, Dreamweaver gives you more functionality, but for a blog this flexibility is generally not needed.

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    yes, but its **** and you should learn to program it because you are lazy.

    • Stacyee2 years agoReport

      I'm lazy because I want to focus on my writing instead of learning a new program?

  • Bob
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    they aren't the same things at all. you need Wordpress

    Wordpress is a CMS, Dreamweaver is for rapid web design

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      What's the difference? Isn't a blog a website? It's been a while since I used Dreamweaver but I remember making a website that had a lot of different text areas isn't a blog a website with one giant text area?

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