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Did the Ancient Egyptians fight over the area of present day "Palestine"? if so, with who and why? why this region is so valuable?

I mean this was even before Jews even had any religion/s centered there and before Jerusalem was even created?

when were the Ancient Egyptians at their peak of power and I think it was Ramses that fought in area of Judea? or who? what was it called then? what again was reason for the value of this land?

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    The Egyptians had controlled the areas now encompassing Israel Lebanon, northern Arabia, and a few other areas since before the supposed time of Moses. The irony, of course, is that had the Exodus been true, the proto-Israelites would have crossed the international border of Egypt only to find themselves in MORE Egyptian territory. It wasn't until about 200 years before Christianity that the Syrians gained control. At that point, it wasn't so much a struggle between Egyptians and Syrians as it was between the Greek Egyptian king Ptolemy V and the Greek Syrian king Antiochus IV Epiphanes.

    The Syrians probably could have overrun the Egyptians, but for the fact that Ptolemy V had acquired some new BFs--the Romans. The Roman ambassador paid a visit to the Syrian court and politely informed Antiochus that he would have his *** handed to him if he didn't desist immediately. Eventually, the Romans took over the area. If the Egyptians had retained control there more than likely would not have been Christianity.

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    Jerusalem already existed since a long time when Ramses reigned, even if you're talking about Ramses the First. The contact with the Egyptians happens around 2000BCE and the region (called Canaan) becomes an Egyptian vassal around 1600BCE.

    The region wasn't really important, it was mostly poor, depopulated and useless, with Jerusalem being a very minor city. But it was the point of contact between the Egyptian empire and other large empires they had frictions with.

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    The Egyptians and Hittites contested the area in certain periods.

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    Back then the 'fertile crescent' of land was just to the east of it (it has since become more of a desert), that made it a major crop area and therefore a major trade route AND the coast had major ports for shipping. Both were desirable for trade.

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      when, how , why happened?

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    No, they fought off Assyrian invaders a lot though, having to recapture Memphis more than once. They had no real interest in that area (seeing them as more primitive and barbaric than they counted the Nubians even after their successful invasion and dynasty*) and had naval contact with the rest of the Mediterranean. Remember the Mediterranean is a relative mill pond though so that's not as impressive as it sounds, none of the Mediterranean sailors could have dealt with oceans until a long time after Egypt fell to social forces.

    *I'm not saying they were, that was the Egyptian view.

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