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She told me she wouldn’t be mad but she’s furious?

My gf asked me to fly out to California to see her family for her mother’s surprise party. I agreed and took a few days off of work. We’ve tried to book a flight 3 times and each time I tell her not to book it. I honestly am not sure I want to go and spend the $250 for a flight. Today she told me she was going to the airport to purchase tickets because it’d be cheaper there. I told her ok buy my ticket I’d pay her back. I called her and she happened to be right at the counter buying the tickets and I told her to hang on and cancel my ticket I wasn’t sure I wanted to go or not and asked her to step out of line for a few min while I decided. She refused and got really angry at me and said she was only buying her own ticket and if I wanted to go I could now get the ticket myself. On her way home from the airport I asked her if she’d be willing to go back to the airport and buy my ticket and that I would go she refused. Now she’s extremely mad at me, won’t talk to me, won’t answer my calls nothing. She said she wouldn’t get mad if I chose not to go. She lied to me. She is mad!!!

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    Sounds like you went back and forth and back and forth with her when you always knew, deep down, that you didn't want to go. She likely feels embarrassed and ashamed that she was, privately, sure you'd decided to go because, well, you said so. Wherever the wind blows?

    You acted like a real jerk. You don't want to go. Just owe up. Dragging her into your back and forth and then dragging her through it again, and then again! Swaying with what you want, what she wants, what you think you should do because of what she wants, deciding you have the right to do what you want, then wondering if it'll end up easier to do what she wants, but you don't want to, but......... AKKKK. You acted like a jerk. It worked. You're not going and by now likely aren't welcome to either. Ought to have been upfront from the start that you just don't want to go.

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    She's not mad at you for deciding not to go. She's mad because you won't make-up your mind ! !

    That is what has her frustrated. How are you unable to understand that? I wouldn't want to 'step

    out of line' while someone made up their mind. Lines are long and hard to wait in sometimes.

    Do you have no consideration for her at all?

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    She mad because you’re playing her. Yes, no, yes no, make up your mind.

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    I would b*tch slap you, and I’m a guy. You sound like a wimp simp boy who can’t make up his mind. Honestly I’d straight up dump you right on the spot

    Complete cowardly beta male, shy, sissy boy move. Not a move a man would make

    Who the hell takes time off work and cancels multiple times, including having his woman drive all the way to the airport?

    You stupid tool, you lost more money by taking off work and using gas/wear and tear on your car, than the tickets would have even costed!

    Your weak mentality is probably why you couldn’t even afford a $150 ticket. I make $150,000+ a year and a ticket wouldn’t even faze me

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      They say “be yourself”... no dude, CHANGE yourself. Become a MAN.

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    Hopefully she will come to her senses while in California.

    Is school out already?

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    maybe she'll meet a real man in California and then she can stop being mad

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    your problem is.... YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT !! you need to be clear about what you want, of course she furious read the messages again and again and you will see how she is trying to make plans and you are changing it at the last second. Girls want a man who knows what he wants so if you dint want to go the first time you should tell her right there.

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    Nice try, little boy

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