Was this abuse?

My ex was very....... sexual. He would tell me he wanted to bang me and we were 14-15 years old. We dated for a year and within that time he hit me like slap across the face and punches to the arm that left bruises. Towards the end of our relationship he told me he wasn’t attracted to me, how he’d rather date a nice blonde girl from his school(since we went to different schools) or how he didn’t like my body. We would hang out and he would try to touch me and I would get uncomfortable and move away, that would never stop him. One time when we hung out he told me we were gonna play a game, he ran his fingers over my body but I wasn’t allowed to move. I backed up for him to stop and he just got closer and kept doing it. A week before I broke up with him he saw how I was curled up in a ball while we were on FaceTime and I told him I sleep like that and he said he’d **** me in his sleep. What would you call what he did to me

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