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Do you think the future is electric?

I love ICE Cars but there's little doubt about the prowess of EVs.

Cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain, no emissions and just a robust, almost maintenance free electric motor instead of hundreds of moving parts.

E.Vs will do to ICE (Gas) Cars what Quartz did to mechanical clock work!

It may sound like a dream but... I think an advancement in battery technology could even render cars useless!

The future is definitely aviation and artificial intelligence!

Imagine electric copters with artificial intelligence that could fly on their own and cost cents to run! I won't be surprised if that happens!

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  • Jay P
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    2 years ago
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    The two big problems with electric vehicles currently is range ( how much energy the batteries can hold ) and recharging time. These will need to be solved for electric vehicles to become viable over internal combustion engines.

    Hydrogen ( either directly as a fuel in an ICE or powering a fuel cell ) certainly solves the refueling time issue and it is far better for the environment. The big issue with hydrogen is the lack of a distribution network.

    By the way, electric vehicles still create emissions. First there is the mining of the metals that make up the batteries and also how the electricity is generated to power the vehicles. A coal-fired electrical generating station can emit a lot of pollutants to produce the electricity to power an EV. The emissions won't come out of the vehicle tail pipe but it will still be generated somewhere.

  • don r
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    2 years ago

    Build a battery with competitive energy density, and very quick charging plus a decade of usefulness and you'll have your wish.

  • JetDoc
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    2 years ago

    Not in YOUR lifetime, little Snowflake. It really doesn't matter whether you pay for gasoline at the pump, or electricity from your home utility bill. SOMEONE has to pay for the energy you use to make your car go down the street. Maybe some day, someone will invent a way to get power from a dilithium crystal, but Star Trek was set in the 24th century.

  • No emissions.

    Well unless your electricity comes from something which produces emissions or you count all the emissions required by the battery industry.

    As for your claims about cars, this sounds delusional, given the inherent weather problems for small flying aircraft. Do you come from a place with a bland climate and which has a system of mass transit which is more efficient than the local surface streets?

    In fact, most of the people who predict cargo deliveries by drones seem oblivious to the existence of weather. The idea that a pizza place would just close down on windy days seems an absurd business plan to me.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Until the earth's magnetic field shifts polarity and leads to the electrical grid completely frying up.

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