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Social Issues?

I m going to the mall today and I m bringing my friend Jane afterschool. I like Jane and I want her to come, but somehow, Carol (another girl) found out that we are going to the mall and she invited herself and now shes coming. I need a good excuse to say that Jane can go and Carol can t. I can t be honest to Carol about self-invitation, because I have tried that before and it didn t work.

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    Just tell Carol bluntly that you and Jane had planned to go out just the two of you to do things, and maybe you'll catch up with her next time to do someithing. And walk on.

  • Mike
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    2 years ago

    arrange to MEET JANE someplace else and DO NOT tell Carol. That way when Carol goes to mall and you are not there, she SHOULD get the message.

  • Reba
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    2 years ago

    why can't you all go? why can't you hang out with more than one friend at a time?

  • 2 years ago

    Say, "I don't want to be friends anymore" or try to like her

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