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Question about The O.C.?

In Season 2 Episode 6, Lindsay is told that her father is Caleb, and therefore she is part of the Cohen family, but at that time she was dating Ryan. The next day, which is the beginning of the next episode 7, Sandy and Ryan are talking, and Ryan says - ''now that she is part of the family, i guess we're done dating, huh?'', to which Sandy responds - ''unless you wanna move to the south''.

What did Sandy meant by this? Does he mean that, he will throw out Ryan if he doesn't stop seeing Lindsay, or was that some kind of a reference for going to jail?

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    Its a common joke that in the southern us states, incest is common, and even encouraged, so the joke is, they could move to a southern state where ita permissable to date relatives.

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    No. It was an incest joke about the Southern US.

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