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Let me state: I'll be 26 on June 6th (born in 1992), and was brought into this world by "Baby Boomer" parents. Dad was born in 1951, Mom in 1959. That enforces my views and experiences regarding music, TV, and movies. I am grateful for that. I'm a better & smarter person for it.

We know the original albums, hits, and repeated radio play stuff. But I seek out/listen to/stay updated with the "modern" work of "classic" rock bands and musicians. I'm talking about pretty much any solo artist or band from the 60's, 70's, and some 80's, that still performs and produces content. I must enjoy as much as possible, before their retirement or death. Including their work, but also seeing them live if possible. (R.I.P. Frey, Bowie, Petty, etc.)

I avoid most of whatever is promoted by my own Millennial generation.

Many examples:

Bob Seger (Face the Promise, Ride Out, I Knew You When)

Eagles (Long Road Out of Eden, Walsh's Analog Man)

Jackson Browne (Standing in the Breach)

John Fogerty (Revival, WSFE)

Tom Petty (Mojo, Hypnotic Eye)

John Mellencamp (No Better than this, Plain Spoken, S-C & H)

Fleetwood Mac (Say You Will)

The Beach Boys (That's Why God Made the Radio)

Rolling Stones (Blue & Lonesome)

Bob Dylan (Tempest, Triplicate)

Paul McCartney (M-A-F, New)

The Who (Endless Wire)

AC/DC (Black Ice, Rock or Bust)

Alice Cooper (Paranormal)

Van Halen (Different Kind of Truth)

*Recently: Judas Priest (Firepower)

What do you think?

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    Add these to the list:

    Paul Rodgers (of Free, Bad Company, Queen etc..) - Still touring and performing, though not doing much with albums; the last one was a collection of covers; "The Royal Session".

    Black Sabbath - In the last few years they have released:

    Live... Gathered in Their Masses


    The End: Live in Birmingham

    Deep Purple - Again albums in 2013 and 2017

    Now What?!


    Al Stewart - performing since the mid 60s.

    Latest albums 2008 & 2009

    Sparks of Ancient Light


    Booker T Jones (Booker T & the MGs) - Still performing in this decade but no albums since '94

    That's the Way It Should Be

    Eric Clapton - too many to list, see the discography:

    Newer artists:

    Roachford, first charted in the late 80s.

    Latest album The Beautiful Moment, 2013.

    Seal - a bit late in your timescale but has done some classic tracks like Killer, Crazy, Kiss For A Rose etc..

    Latest album "7" in 2015 (though I know nothing about that).

    (Loads more, out of time rather than names).

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      Thank You, this is the kind of answer(s) I was looking for. The point was to spark conversation.
      I can't believe I forgot about this, but a great example is "Chuck" by Chuck Berry. Not just NEW work, but released after he died, a "POSTHUMOUS" album.

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    If it weren't for classic rock. Modern day wouldn't be around. An in my opinion, the best radio station for classic rock is WBLM

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