Is Putin a coward?

I am sure and I believe he is a coward with no balls at all, he was supposed to be an ally of Syria, he let Israel 2 days ago strike Syria and Netanyahu was there in Russia meeting him, and before that the triple strike from USA, Britain and France and he just let Syria take all these strikes with no support from him, he is a Zionist puppet, not a hero, we were fooled, Trump has more balls than him and he controls him, Russia can't do anything without the American permission.

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    2 years ago
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    Putin is NOT a fair weathered ally.

    But for Putin the Sunni salafist wahhabi mercenaries would be over running Syria, just like Libya.

    Putin's Russia has two opposing forces to balance (1) the Israel lobby who want Assad out, (2) patriot lobby

    Thanks to the debacles like Iraq, Libya the patriot lobby currently have the upper hand.

    Generally before an attack, Israel tells Russia. To there are no "accidents".

    Under the "de-confliction" agreement, about the attacks, Israel warned Russia, who warned Iran they were going to be attacked in Syria. What followed was designed not to escalate the tensions, i.e. outright war. "What about Russia? Netanyahu’s presence in Moscow for the commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the USSR’s victory against Nazism, and reports that Russia would not deliver the S-300s to Syria, must not mislead us. Russia has invested far too much in Syria to allow anyone – be it Washington, Tel Aviv, Riyadh or Ankara – to reduce its efforts to nothing.

    The current Syrian defense systems have already proven their worth – Including the Pantsir, which is much more suited to the needs of the Syrian army –, and allow to envision the day when Israel loses its only advantage, namely the air supremacy"

    Russia wants a mutipolar world, and in order to attain that the influence of the growing Shia crescent linking Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon is vital in the region.

    Plan to be mediator?

    Syria didn't need to upgrade its weapons to fight back. "Viewed through a geopolitical and economic lens, the conflict in Syria is not a civil war, but the result of larger international players positioning themselves on the geopolitical chessboard in preparation for the opening of the pipeline in 2016”.

    Putin had made clear which areas were NO go, before hand. In essence the strikes = waste of money.

    The triple strike was a grandstanding display, to distract from the fact Trump, France's Macron, and British P.M T May are unpopular in their home countries. Even after having dropped £6.3 million missiles (T May's husband has the largest shareholding in BAE, which dropped the missiles) in the local elections her party got 35, her opposition 79, whist still in power, the outcome was lukewarm. "But the air strikes on Saturday morning should not be dismissed simply as a glorified PR stunt. They have a very real significance, though one that is diametrically the opposite to that claimed by Donald Trump, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron. What we saw was not a demonstration of strength by the US, UK and France but a demonstration of weakness.

    The evidence for this, reflecting the real balance of power in Syria, is the list of targets that were not attacked rather than the three that were. Tremendous efforts were made not to kill or injure any Russians, as the dominant political and military force in Syria. The Iranians and Hezbollah of Lebanon were evidently out of bounds. So too was the Syrian army, including its elite divisions, heavy equipment and ammunition dumps."

    Israel FAILED to forewarn. "apparently, the first time Israel had failed to inform Russia to provide advance warning of an upcoming strike, breaking the "de-confliction" agreement made between Israel and Russia right at the start of Russian entry into the Syrian conflict in 2015.

    Russia's response was similarly unprecedented, with Russia immediately revealing Israel's role in the attack, and Russian President Vladimir Putin calling Netanyahu to warn him that Israel can no longer expect to be able to attack Syria with impunity."

  • gerald
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    2 years ago

    Putin is a wonderful leader he is a tough guy he is extremely provoked but thankfully he does not retaliate they have just celebrated defeating the Nazis and saving Europe they lost 26 million humans the world owes them a huge debt don't get contaminated son for your own sake Trump is a dangerous man he is wrong

  • Kathy
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    2 years ago

    Probably not, but I won't trust him.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Yes and so is his bit*ch trump.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    You're an idiot.Trump is a puppet of zionists as well.Most of his cabinet is full of Zionist Jews.He even adamantly admitted that he fully supports Jews and Israel.Israel influences and bribes Western powers and he still supports them.You're just an idiot who is desperate for a savior.There is no reason for America to be in Syria because Syria hasn't done anything to America.Syria hates Israel ,that's why the Jews are targeting Syria.The fake news of Assad targeting his people is unfounded, made up by Zionist Jews to make Assad appears as though he's a criminal.

  • 2 years ago

    Putin is all about what he believes is best for Russia, Not Syria. Or the USA, or anything else.

    Coward? No! Untrustworthy? Most definitely.

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