What are your top 5 or 10 black and white TV Shows?

Any classic shows on Black and White before color.

Here's my top 10:

1. I Love Lucy

2. The Three Stooges (If Counts)

3. The Twilight Zone

4. The Dick Van Dyke Show

5. The Munsters

6. The Addams Family

7. Mason Perry

8. Leave It to Beavers

9. The Adventures of Superman

10. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

HM: Mr. Ed, Dennis The Menace, The Beverly Hillbillies, Bewitched, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., I Dream of Jeannie, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, F Troop, The Danny Thomas Show, The Donna Reed Show, The Outer Limits, The Honeymooners, Amos and Andy, Dragnet, and Get Smart

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  • 2 years ago
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    1. The Twilight Zone

    2. I Love Lucy

    3. The Outer Limits

    4. Aflred Hitchcock Presents

    5. The Andy Griffith Show

    Honorable Mentions: The Munsters, The Adams Family

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  • Zeke
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    2 years ago

    1. The Twilight Zone

    2. The Andy Griffith Show

    3. The Rifleman

    (this is pretty much all i know lol)

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  • 2 years ago

    1. Gunsmoke

    2. The Rifleman

    3. The Munsters

    4. Leave It To Beaver

    5. The Lone Ranger

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  • 1) "Leave It to Beaver"

    2) "The Honeymooners"

    3) "The Andy Griffith Show"

    4) "Perry Mason"

    5) "The Dick Van Dyke Show"

    6) The first season of "Gilligan's Island"

    7) The first season of "Gomer Pyle"

    8) "The Twilight Zone"

    9) "The Little Rascals"/ "Our Gang"

    10) "The Addams Family"

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  • ?
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    2 years ago

    Lucy show

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  • 2 years ago

    The Adventures of Superman! (but the later shows were in color)

    The Munsters was great.

    The Twilight Zone, for sure.

    You Bet Your Life.......(say the secret word and the duck will down and give you $100. !)

    The Steve Allen Show.......(he was a funny dude!)

    The Little Rascals!

    Source(s): in all fairness , many of your HM's started in B&W but went to color later on. Certainly, F-Troop, and The Beverly Hillbillies, and I Dream of Jeannie, were all favorites......but I mostly remember the color episodes , but true, all started as B&W.
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