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Here in Brazil, making movies no longer gives as much future. And in your countries, is it the same?

I have a feature-length dramatic romantic comedy script and I do not meet interested cinema companies, two of my female friends from here Vitória (Espírito Santo) have even given up on their filmmakers careers!


Something Blue: The script is in Portuguese (although it is also fluent in English and Spanish), I have already contacted two companies, two institutes and a movie agency and none have answered me.

As for the word filmmaker, I learned that this is how the "cineasta" is called in English, even though he knows that the most usual is movie director ("diretor de filmes").

If learned wrong (and I see that was the case even!), I'm sorry, this does not happen again!

Update 2:

And well, thank you very much for all the attention and interest and a hug!

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  • 3 years ago
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    Are you able to fly back and forth to Los Angeles, CA? You can target other markets. It would be much more difficult, yes, and it would cost a lot of money in the long run, yes. But if you wrote a few more (at least 3-5 professional-level and strong specs, features and TV pilots), you could try and query production companies in the US, ones that accept unsolicited submissions. Or try to land a US manager/agent.

    Again, it would all be 100 times more difficult if you're not around (in L.A., specially, and especially if you're not a US citizen), but it's not impossible. But, again, 1 screenplay (assuming it is professional!) is not good enough, so you would have to work 100 times harder and be 100 times more determined and 100 times more skilled and talented.

    Why don't you meet interested companies? You didn't mention... Or maybe you don't know? One reason could be your material is not professional level, which means you need to continue honing your craft - also by writing more screenplays and taking more time reading others and learning the craft and the biz. Another reason could be the genre. In the US, rom-coms are one of the least desired genres right now, so they're not as marketable. So you need to write other genres (in addition is fine). You need more screenplays in your portfolio anyway. Another reason could be you've targeted companies that do not accept unsolicited submissions. In that case, you would need to make connections in the industry and/or land a rep. You do that by having a strong body of work that showcases your (professional) skills, talent, knowledge of the craft and of the biz, and your personal voice and style. If your one screenplay doesn't do that, it and you won't impress anybody, and therefore nobody will give you their time, let alone their money and trust.

    Another point I would like to make is the use of the word "filmmaker." See, filmmaker is not an actual job. Filmmaker could be a producer, a director, a writer... So I don't know what you or your friends are referring to. Could be you don't know. So what do you want to be? If it's to be a director/producer, writing alone is not enough. You need to start producing your own indies and learning this craft. Then, when you're good enough, submit your indies to film festivals. If you do well, get accepted and maybe win an award, you'll get some attention out of it, and as a result connections and opportunities in the industry. Do you friends know that? Or did they just give up because they basically did not do their homework? Ask yourself that too. What are you aiming for? What have you been doing to get there? If it's nothing, then start doing. You're not given a career in this industry, you need to make things happen.

    I'll leave it at that. You've got some thinking to do.

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