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Could I have lymphoma at 17?

Hello, I'm a 17 year old male, and for the last month, I've been worrying that I could have lymphoma. Here are an overview of the typical lymphoma symptoms, and whether or not I have them:

Swollen lymph node: I have one gland on the left side of my neck below my jaw. It is only about the size of a pencil eraser, and you could see a very small bump only if I turn my neck a certain way. You can only feel it if you press hard.

Night Sweats: I have never had these before

Fatigue: I have not been unusually tired or fatigued lately

Fever: I have not had a fever

Coughing/Trouble Breathing: I have not had any problems like this

Itchiness: I have not had any unusual itchiness

Weight loss: Nothing significant, except I'm very skinny as it is (5'11, 130 pounds), and I notice that if I don't eat as much as I do, then I'll maybe drop a pound then next day due to my freaky fast metabolism.

Stomach pain/swelling: I have not had any of these symptoms

Loss of Appetite: Has not occurred

Does it sound like I might have lymphoma? I have seasonal allergies and had a bad cold about a month ago, and I've been wasting my life worrying about lymphoma! Help!

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    While it is possible to have lymphoma at 17, I'm not sure why you think you have it. The only potential symptom you have is a very slightly swollen lymph node. That's it.

    I work in pediatric oncology and we have had about 10 teenagers diagnosed with lymphoma since January. Each and every one of the had an enlarged lymph node that was very, very enlarged- causing a lump you could see from across the room, bigger than a golf ball.

    If you are worried about a symptom, you should see your doctor and stay off of WebMD and Google- that only makes anxiety worse and very rarely provides actual helpful information.

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    How many times do you have to be told that questions about childish and irrational fears go in the mental health section. Grow up and stop posting the same lies over and over.

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    I don't have a medical degree to diagnose anything but when I had a swollen lymph node same place as you I got various tests and it came back as under active thyroid and type 2 diabetes

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    You have *anxiety*.

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    The odds are extremely low for lymphoma. People have dozens of nodes and dozens in their neck, they come and go all the time. You should stop googling the most severe diagnosis as it will drive you crazy. The internet is a terrible diagnostician. You should get peace of mid seeing your doc.

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    So all you have is the lump? You don't have lymphoma.

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    Yes, you could, but it's very unlikely. It's probably just a swollen lymph node because you had a cold recently. If you're worried, see a doctor.

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