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True or False: JJ Watt needs to atone for some of his season-ending injuries if the Texans are to return to the NFL Playoffs in 2018.?

JJ Watt has been haunted by season-ending injuries that have left Texans fans murmuring nothing but "What ifs?" and "If onlys...", and he and DeShaun Watson REALLY need to atone for their season-ending injuries last season and do their best to help the Texans contend for a division title and a return trip to the the NFL Playoffs.

The Texans are two different teams with JJ Watt, because with him, they have a chance to beat anyone in the NFL, but without him, they are doomed, and everyone in Houston, Texas knows it.

Is it true that JJ Watt REALLY needs to redeem himself for some of his season-ending injuries that have haunted him in the past if the Houston Texans are to return to the NFL Playoffs in 2018.

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    I disagree with the others, he does need to atone. Watt's reliance on overtraining and PEDs have made him vulnerable to injuries. He needs to prove to the Texans he's not another steroid freak or pay back the money he's stolen from the Texans.

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      Please show us what proof you have that he used PED's.

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    atone? not there fault getting injured. houston will be better if those guys are in there , but they have jacksonville to deal with and tennessee is not bad.

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    That you Sophie? Trying your hand at sports?

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    Do you even know what "atone" means?

    If Watt plays as he has in the past Houston has a great shot at making the playoffs. He was hurt while playing football so he doesn't owe the Texans anything more than giving his best effort.

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    It would help if they stayed healthy. Obviously.

    That's not what atone means.

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    You don't atone for being hurt. You recover from being hurt. Look up the meaning of atonement.

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