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On a scale 1 to 10, how would you rate Mick Foley, in his prime?













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    Mick Foley's prime years are in his WWE days as Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love in 1996-1999. HIAC match against The Undertaker KOTR 1998 almost ended Foley's career, but the fact he continued his career and still took a lot of bumps in 1999, I think his prime is until Royal Rumble 1999 when he fought The Rock in I Quit match.

    Brawling- 9. Foley is such a great brawler. The way he punches and kicks his opponents during matches show he's a very underrated brawler only defined by his Hardcore Legacy.

    Strength- 7. Stronger than guys such as Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, but weaker than non powerhouse such as Steve Austin, The Rock, Kurt Angle, and Triple H. So, Foley's strength is just good, above average.

    Speed- 5. Foley is just so slow, just watch his match against Shawn Michaels IYH Mind Games 1996.

    Agility- 4. Foley can't counter punches and grapples. And even in Hardcore matches he specializes, Foley can't avoid those dangerous bumps such as thumbtacks, being thrown off the top of the cell, being smashed with steel chairs, being smacked through the announce table, pushed into the ring steelsteps, etc.

    Hardcore- 10. A true Hardcore Legend, knows how to use weapons very well to hurt his opponents. Foley is just the perfect symbol of brutal, sadist, mean, crazy, and extreme when it comes to Hardcore. Foley not only using weapons used by most wrestlers such as steel chair, steep steps, tables, but he would also bring barbed wire baseball bat, thumbtacks, and even fire in Hardcore matches. I should have also rated Foley 11 out of here if I could.

    Technical- 6. An average wrestler with very limited grappling moves.

    Mic-Skills- 8. Not in the level of The Rock and Steve Austin, but definitely a very good talker in the mic.

    Toughness- 10. Foley is just so tough the fact he refused to say I Quit after taking dozens of chairshots at Royal Rumble 1999. Also the fact he forced to continue that HIAC match against The Undertaker after getting thrown off the top of the cell. Those two bouts already show how tough Foley is and he deserves to be rated 11 out of 10 if I could.

    Stamina- 6. Foley faded away quickly and I can't recall Foley able to recover to win matches such as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and John Cena do. Usually after Foley gave his all, he faded away out of exhaustion and got dominated till he got pinned in the ring. Foley took bumps and managed to kick out, but he can't recover and fight back to win matches out of nowhere.

    Bumping- 10. The bumps Foley took in his prime is just so inhuman and unbelievable. I could have easily rated Foley 11 out of 10 for those bumps. Even after his prime, Foley still took those dangerous bumps especially the one he got speared into flaming table by Edge at Wrestlemania 22.

    Psychology- 10. Foley can truly connect with WWF Fans as Three Faces of Foley, as Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind. Add that with the fact Foley can be himself and connect with WWE Fans.

    Match-Quality- 8. In his prime, most of Foley's matches are decent but having historic value especially No Holds Barred bouts. His HIAC match against The Undertaker isn't a great match, but it's a very brutal and historic match. His Lumberjack match against The Rock on Raw 4 Jan 1999 is just decent, but it was the historic value of that match which turned the tide of Monday Night Wars in favor of WWF Raw that made the match looked great. His great matches in terms of quality in his prime are against Shawn Michaels at IYH Mind Games 1996, against The Undertaker IYH Revenge To The Taker 1997, and against The Rock at Royal Rumble 1999. Past his prime, Foley gave us brutal matches against Triple H (2000), Randy Orton (2004), and Edge (2006).

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    I'll answer this even though you've already picked a B.A. for it, because Mick Foley was a very interesting wrestler and character during the Attitude Era.

    Brawling- 9.5. He would take things to a level beyond brawling.....

    Heck, he'd put his body on the line almost every single week. Thumbtacks.....baseball bats covered in barb wire....tables....chairs....steel steps.....his friend Mr. Socko, lol. I honestly think that calling him a "brawler" really doesn't do his work much justice...because he delivered FAR more than that. He's went through very severe(and at times...fatal) injuries, so that he could entertain wrestling crowds. That's how much he loves wrestling.

    Strength- 7. He's stronger than Rey...but compared to major powerhouses such as Braun Strowman or Brock Lesnar...he really wouldn't stand a chance.

    Speed-4. With all due respect to him, he was never really known as a "fast" wrestler.


    Hardcore-See "Brawler".


    Mic-Skills- 9.

    Toughness-9.5. I don't know if I could give him a solid 10 because I wouldn't want to undermine Lesnar, Austin, & 'Taker, lol. He is one of the toughest wrestlers who ever lived though. No male or female in WWE, currently, has put their body on the line as much as Foley has. He lost an ear, got a couple of teeth knocked out....and he can't even walk properly because of the strain that he's put his legs through in matches.


    Bumping- 7.

    Psychology- 9. This guy literally had multiple personalities in the WWE. The sadistic & creepy nature of Mankind....the hardcore attitude of Cactus Jack....the laidback Dude Love....and Mick Foley, where he's basically just being himself....

    I'd like to think that he actually puts a certain amount of his personality in all of those characters. He made each one distinct, which at times could be difficult to do.

    Match-Quality- So many memorable matches, that are entertaining, death-defying, and even frightening to watch....

    He's a true legend in WWE & wrestling overall.


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      Match Quality is a 9/10 for me. Forgot to give a score earlier, lol.

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    Strength- 5/10

    Speed- 5/10

    Agility- 5/10

    Hardcore- 10/10

    Technical- 5/10

    Mic-Skills- 10/10

    Toughness- 10/10

    Stamina- 7/10

    Bumping- 10/10

    Psychology- 8/10

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    Brawling- 9. His strikes are probably as close as you'll get to a legitimate looking strike without being a legitimate strike. I'm sure he worked snug at times, but no one ever walked away from a Foley match complaining that he took liberties.

    Strength- 5. The man isn't a body builder, but he's thrown a suplex and he's hit a body slam.

    Speed- 4. I'd say in his prime that he was quite nimble for a guy his size, but that still rounds up to be around a 4.

    Agility- 0. Never seen Foley do so much as a leapfrog. Not everyone has to be a flippy boy though.

    Hardcore- 10. Pretty sure he won a King of Death Match tournament that contained Terry Funk. Can't get much more hardcore than that without going completely dumb with the CZW XPW realm of ultraviolence

    Technical- 3. Foley was a textbook wrestler with an amateur background, but I'm not sure he's had a submission outside of the Mandible Claw

    Mic-Skills- 10. Prime Foley cut the best promos.

    Toughness- 10. Took unprotected chairshots to the head from The Rock with his hands behind his back and isn't a drooling puddle of humanity in a wheelchair right now.

    Stamina- 7. I can't recall Foley blowing up, but there was a lot of pacing in his matches, so if he didn't have the cardio he certainly covered for it.

    Bumping- 0 or 10 depending on how you look at it. The man popularized an elbow to the floor that was christened the 'Hip Buster' due to how much more damage it did to him than his own opponent, and the years definitely made the commentary booth legitimate in their claims. He fell through a cell unsanctimoniously and nearly died, and flew off a cage in a planned spot and nearly died in the same match. From that perspective, he's had some bad bumps. On the other side of the spectrum, the man's got a spine like an alligator and lived through all of that and is still walking. That makes him a 10.

    Psychology- 10. Hardcore wrestling as a genre never got it right when it came to psychology, but Foley knew how hardcore should've been booked. He was either the prickly heel monster that the babyface threw everything at to keep from advancing, or the resilient babyface enduring the worst beatings from the most malicious and volatile villains. Even outside of that Foley had good straight up matches against the likes of Sting, Vader, and many of the Attitude Era's headlining talents. He also helped legitimize a generation of main eventers by taking them to task and making them prove their mettle. Never doubt Mick Foley as a storyteller, and I'm not even talking about hitting #1 on New York Times Best Seller list.

    Match-Quality- 8. Outside of UWF, I can't think of many bad Mick Foley matches, and when it comes to UWF it wasn't his fault. He can't help that David Sammartino's trash in the ring. However, there aren't many of his matches that I'd call five star classics. There are some, but they have little to do with in-ring acumen or work rate, which is fine.

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    Brawling- 8

    Strength- 8.5

    Speed- 6

    Agility- 6.5

    Hardcore- 10

    Technical- 5.5

    Mic-Skills- 6

    Toughness- 10

    Stamina- 10

    Bumping- 8.5

    Psychology- 6.5

    Match-Quality- 9

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    Brawling - 8(Mick's natural when it comes to brawling. He can lay the Smackdown on you while you're on the corner with a lot of punches until you sit down)

    Strength - 7.9(Foley's a strong guy on his whole right and he can pick you up with the stump puller piledriver)

    Speed - 5(I'm not sure for this one, haven't seen how fast he is)

    Agility - 6(He's agile enough to clothesline someone out of the ring and land on his feet while launching out too)

    Hardcore - 10(I think he embodies this trait)

    Technical - 4(Uh did Foley do anything technical? He doesn't seem to have any technical skills)

    Mic Skills - 6(He's fine on the mic)

    Toughness - 10(He may look silly but he's very tough and can take a lot of damage and still fight)

    Stamina - 10(I remember when he felt off the cell and still continued to fight. He has a lot)

    Bumping - 9(This dude can take insane bumbs especially ones that are botches)

    Psychology - 5(He's usual stories are hardcore, if I am correct)

    Match Quality - 9(Good)

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