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Higher PHP skill vs learn a framework?

I'm a moderate skilled PHP coder, its about two months that I'm learning Codigniter framework. Given that framework learning is not equal to PHP learning, choosing which one is better?

A: Continue learning PHP to high levels.

B: Learning framework as best i can.

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  • 2 years ago
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    This isn't an either-or decision. It's a which-first decision.

    Or, maybe you can do both at the same time; in the sense that a student takes more than one course each term.

    You didn't say how much programming experience you had before starting PHP/CodeIgniter. There's a lot to programming that's not specific to any programming language or framework, primarily the ability to look at a problem, divide it into manageable sub-problems and write reasonably efficient code for each--code that another programmer (or *you*, after a year or so) can read and understand.

    And you'll probably be learning more about those for your whole programming career. There's a lot to learn, it's not all in books or "tutorials", and "what's important" changes over the years.

    For now, learn to use CodeIgniter to create a couple different types of web apps from the drawing board to a site you can show off. Then maybe look at doing the same with Joomla or Drupal or something. Or plain PHP. The point is to take a look at the same types of problems from a different point of view based on what your tools support.

    At some point, learning another language is a good idea. I like Python, but Django is about the only well-supported web framework. Several options are available for JavaScript using Node.js as the JS engine and the Express.js framework. Enterprise-scale applications often use Java for server-side coding. Ruby-on-Rails is still an option, but not the shiny new jewel it was last decade.

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    • Tom2 years agoReport

      husoski: I'm not a lot experienced and only a few real world projects. I even don't know about PHP services like SOAP and not worked a lot with PHP DOM. your answer will be marked as best but let me know if you want to add any thing in 24 hours. thank you.

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  • 2 years ago

    You can still advance your PHP skills while using a framework. If you're trying to get something interesting done, you'll save a lot of time when someone else has already done the grunt work for you.

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