Hog hunting with dogs?

I have a mid content wolf that is a natural born hunter and has proven to be easy to work with. The largest game she has caught for me was a 50 pound deer. She naturally held it down by the neck until I arrived and got my hands on the animal, at which point she let it go but would get worked up if it gave me any resistance and go back in there. I ended up picking her up so the deer could get away, because it would have been considered poaching. I want to include her in a hog hunt in my area with my friends three pit bulls. His pit bulls have never been trained or hunted but all of our dogs are obedient and have the tenacity for it in my opinion. Of course I would get them their protective gear. I would also bring a rifle in case the circumstances encourage that instead, especially considering I don’t have what you would call a bay dog I guess that can track for me. It’s more so going to be me tracking and then releasing the dogs. Both my buddy and I are athletes so we can keep up with the dogs basically. I was planning on using a spear ideally if I felt like spending the money on one otherwise I’d use a knife to puncture the heart after immobilizing the hog. I lack experience with dog hunting and my dogs I guess you could say do too so I was hoping someone with experience could share their thoughts.

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    Robert, I have hunted hogs with dogs for several years now. My comments to you are based on my experience doing so. A big concern is that you do not have dogs that are trained or have been around other dogs that are trained to hunt hogs. When I got started I thought I had good dogs, a couple of catahoula mix and a hound mix. They were all decent tracking dogs and did well in the field and were not gun shy. First issue was not all of them would honor the lead hunter with the guys I went with. Second the alpha trait meant two of the dogs wouldn't get along well with the others and had to be leashed during the hunt.

    It took me three escorted hunts and having a hound getting eviscerated before I could say the dogs knew how to handle the hogs and let me get to the hogs we were trying to capture. And when your trying to dispatch the hog with a knife or spear you have to be aware of where that tip is going, where the dogs are and if the hog is large enough to still be spinning are trying to fight you or the dogs.

    Adding a firearm adds another dimension to it, you have to make sure when you shoot that the hog isn't wounded, that there is nothing or NO ONE behind the hog, and if it's at night the muzzle flash isn't pleasant.

    I have 4 dogs that I use now, three are still catahoula cur mix and have several years of experience hunting. The other is a large hound mix for take downs and hold. Again if you haven't hunted with dogs on feral hogs I'd strongly suggest you locate someone who does this and go on a hunt with them without your dogs first. Get some knowledge of what they do and ask questions.

    And lastly, I use the heavy canvas chest covers on my chase dogs, between the mesquites and cactus thorns and the hogs it's a good idea to protect the dogs chest and rib area. On my hound I have a leather chest piece and collar wrap. Make sure you have a first aid kit for your dog(s). You need to carry some sterile water, peroxide, and suture material or staples, tape and bandages, and a couple of hemostats in case a vein or artery gets cut. The other important item to carry is a damm good muzzle, I don't care how much your dog loves you or behaves you; the minute you have to try and hold them down to fix a cut or stitch up a belly a dog is gonna snap or bite hard.

    And yeah I've lost dogs hunting hogs, a couple as a result of the hogs and a couple that I've had to put down afterwards. Keep that in mind as well, hunting dogs like this shouldn't be your house pet. Emotions can make for bad decisions in the field and at home if your "pet" gets injured.

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    My Uncle raises dogs for deer hunting and coon hunting. He keeps his hunting dogs separate from his pet dogs, I know some people make hunting dogs as pets as well but he advises against it. It sounds like you have a very good dog and I would keep him as a pet and buy others to hunt. Just my $0.02.

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    Try checking to see what s legal and isn t, in your area, first.

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