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How to create an invisibility effect?

So I have a short movie due for my film class and we all agreed to have a scene where a girl turns invisible. (One of the requirements is that we need to use 'impressive' visual effects) We believe turning the girl invisible and making her clothes stay (and move) is impressive enough. We are having quite some trouble though. How do we do that? The closest I've been is create a static invisible woman shot but this is completely CG and because I created this all in a basic program (SketchUp) it's really hard to make the girl move around (by really hard I mean impossible).

What we're looking for is an effect like this one:

Youtube thumbnail

at 0:06 until 0:10 Notice how her arms are still there and they're moving. This indicates that they shot the original and used some CG to replace her head and recreate(?) the background.

The reason why I put a '?' after recreate is because I assume they do that. I doubt that they make two shots in order for the background to be the same. That being said, what puzzles me is that they lighting will take a lot of time to work and look good and on top of all that, what program do I use to achieve this effect and more importantly, HOW do I achieve this effect.

Please give me more than 1 suggestion, as we want as many suggestions as possible.

Thank you in advance.

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  • John
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    2 years ago

    It's probably too late because of the learning curve, but you used the wrong program to start. Blender is the free 3d graphic and animation package. You can do the whole job with it but it's probably too much work for the time you have. Maybe you can import your model into it and play with the animation side. some.

  • 2 years ago

    You'll need a hallway shaped like the letter T

    The camera is at the top left of the T, Girl is at the top right.

    A large pane of glass makes a 45 degree at the top of the T so that the girl is behind the glass and you could walk from the camera and turn right to walk down the stem.

    When the girl's area is well lit,the glass is transparent and you can see her.

    When her area goes dark, the glass becomes a mirror and displays the other corridor

    I hope you can understand my poor directions. It is a lot easier to explain with .


    • horton2 years agoReport

      I believe I understood what you're talking about. Although that effect does somewhat work it isn't really the effect we're going for. I guess worst case scenario we can do that haha. We want an effect where the clothes appear to fly (as shown in the link) and some parts are still there.

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  • anon
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    2 years ago

    I think fading out is really helpful. The new avengers movie has people turn to ash and blow away.

    • horton2 years agoReport

      Hmm, yeah. (That was the inspiration btw) but full on invisibility is what we wanted. I know how to do the fading effect on a photo, but not necessarily a video. You got any clue?

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  • 2 years ago

    Idk much about programs but probably a green morph suit with clothing over it would work pretty well.

    • horton2 years agoReport

      I thought about that. We want the other side of the clothes to be there, perhaps I could CG it. Thank you

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