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The garbage man crashed into the front wall and smashed my bigscreen 4k television. Can I sue the city for all they got?

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    The concept of 'making whole' by a court doesn't seem to oft' include other costs, like taking time off work to be there.

    They usually assess the value of the lost/damaged item and award that... although perhaps it might depend on the judge and what kind of dramatic show one's lawyer might put on.

    I'm no expert. I'm basing this off of watching court shows like Judge Judy.

    Man, oh, man... TV set values seem to depreciate quite a bit.

    The plaintiff doesn't usually seem to get much, especially since the industry constantly upgrades stuff, but again I'm no expert.

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  • Jas B
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    2 years ago

    No you can sue them for the repair and replacement of the things they have damaged or destroyed.

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