how do I set up my TPS 2 Tube Preamp for a clean signal setting and also for a saturated setting?


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    The TPS II isn't intended to produce the kind of overdrive effect typical of an electric guitar preamplifier.  A "saturated" setting, usually obtained by cranking up the gain control, isn't possible.

    That's inherent in the design of the TPS II.  First, the unit's initial gain stages are actually solid-state, and overdriving them generates a completely different, unmusical distortion.  Second, the unit was designed for very low distortion, including the stages incorporating the 12AX7, which use a low plate voltage and negative feedback that virtually eliminates the distortion desired in an electric guitar preamp.

    The best clean setting is obtained by setting the gain such that the loudest peaks indicate near (but not above) 0dB on the meter.

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    Clean setting: gain down

    Saturated setting: gain up

    The voicing knob adjusts the EQ curve with some presets for type of instrument/vocal. Play around with different EQ settings to see what you like (with these things, the EQ for the specific instrument is rarely actually the best for the instrument) - some will add more saturation than others.

    It really depends on what instrument you're using, though. If you're using an electric guitar, bear in mind this isn't a preamp designed specifically for guitar... so you're not gonna get the gain levels as you would from a preamp designed to overdrive a guitar. So, if you go for break-up (distortion), you're probably not gonna get what you want. But you could very well get a nice clean-ish saturated sound (cranking might get an interesting sound, but probably not quite what most people are going for).

    But yeah... for clean, gain = down, output volume = up (or, ya know, at least at 0). For saturated, gain = up, output volume = down (to even out the volume, obviously). Pretty straightforward.

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