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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 2 years ago

What all time pro wrestlers, or martial artist' would you like to see have their own "expandables" movie?


If you want? You can answer my other question. It won't stay up long enough... or somebody moved it out.

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  • 2 years ago
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    -John Cena

    -The Rock

    -Jackie Chan

    -Gal Gadot

    -Kevin Hart

    -Caity Lotz



    -Tessa Blanchard

    I feel like this would be a good cast & I wouldn't care who the good guys or bad guys are in this group. I'd be fine if they were mixed however they want.

    Decided to add a mix of actors, wrestlers, and martial artists in there. Lotz & Chan could probably set up some very sweet martial arts scenes! XD

    As for the villain? I'd either want it to be played by Vince McMahon, Hugh Jackman, or both. I feel like both could be the cold-blodded, hated, bad guys that people want to despise or side with.

    Great questions, as always.

    • Spyro2 years agoReport

      It's always an honor having you here.

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  • All Time Wrestlers? This could be interesting.

    Harley Race

    Ken Shamrock

    Danny Hodge

    Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner

    Kurt Angle

    Scott Flash Norton

    Dan The Beast Severn

    Gina Carano

    Ronda Rousey

    Big Van Vader

    Terry Funk

    Stan Hansen

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