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Need help writing essay?

So I'm writing an essay on a book I read. My essay is based on how different character perspectives effect novels. I have thee paragraphs, one on the positive effects, one on the negatives, but my third one im at a loss. I'm completely stumped with what I should write about with that and just need a little help with a topic booster. any ideas? I'd prefer it to be leaning more to the positive side :)


*I meant the three paragraphs as my three body paragraphs

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    Do a paragraph on how maybe a negative effect lead to a postive one.

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    In the first place you need to move the first paragraph to the second. The first paragraph you need to summarize what your premises are then the second paragraph can be one premise example the positives. The third can be the negatives. Then the fourth you will need to rehash or summarize what you have already said. If you had more than two points they would go in the middle. If you need another paragraph you can compare and contrast the positives and the negatives. But always start with telling people what you are going to say and then end by telling them what you just said.

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