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Which of these wrestlers body of work did/do you enjoy more?

Austin Aries or KENTA

Seth Rollins or John Morrison

Sonjay Dutt or Amazing Red

Chris Sabin or Alex Shelley

Owen Hart or Randy Savage

Bret Hart or Dean Malenko

Ricky Steamboat or Christopher Daniels

Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels

Chris Jericho or CM Punk

Braun Strowman or Kevin Owens

Daniel Bryan or Shinsuke Nakamura

TJP or Neville

Richochet or Rey Mysterio

Triple H or John Cena

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    Austin Aries: Mostly due to Aries being one of my favorites and having a limited exposure to KENTA prior to WWE hiring.

    John Morrison : I've always been kind of iffy with Seth, but I've always seen a main event talent in Morrison

    Sonjay Dutt : I love both guys when I get to see them, but Dutt got more TV time than Red in TNA.

    Alex Shelley : Again, I like both, but Shelley's got some extremely entertaining out of ring stuff along with a style that I enjoy more.

    Randy Savage : Owen turned lemons into lemonade but despite Savage playing 2nd fiddle to Hogan, it's still playing second place to Hogan. His promo work was amazing and his 'give a f#@k' half of his career is parallel to few. I also enjoy his rap album.

    Bret Hart: Again, similar to Owen, Bret's had more opportunity than Dean. What Dean's done in the limelight in both WCW and ECW was great in-ring work, but comparatively there's so little of it compared to Bret, and even less of it against high profile talent. It's the sad state of me liking Bret's matches because of the other guys in it while liking the little of Dean we got to see when given time against lesser, yet maybe more talented, stars.

    Ricky Steamboat: Prior to this ROH run the answer might've been Daniels, but I feel like Bad Influence kind of half-asses things at times. Either that or they're slowing down. Steamboat never slowed down and never half-assed.

    Kurt Angle: The decade of the 2000's was pure 5 star gold every time you turned around with Kurt. I also find Kurt more entertaining outside of the ring.

    Chris Jericho: I feel like Punk's in-ring stuff hasn't aged well whereas Jericho's adapted to every era of wrestling he's been in as both a character and a wrestler. Punk's still entertaining, and I'd love for wrestling to get him back, but Jericho redefines himself every few years whereas Punk's been the same worked shoot antichrist since the indies.

    Kevin Owens: Owens has an indie backlog in PWG and ROH that I treasure. Braun's great, but he's more of a spectacle than a great wrestler.

    Shinsuke Nakamura: There are years of Bryan that I just simply don't enjoy, whereas everything I've seen of Nakamura has entertained me...up to this year. I think the heel run will bring out the spark again, and already feels like it has motivated him, but yeah...main roster Nakamura was lacking in something.

    TJP: I was a huge TJ Perkins fan prior to his signing. Loved him in Lucha Libre USA, loved him in PWG, and loved him in NWA Championship Showcase (now CWF Hollywood). Like Bryan, there are eras of Neville that I simply don't enjoy. Becoming WWE-ized has helped more than it's hurt.

    Ricochet: There's something to be said about reinventing the wheel. The cultural melting pot that has become the global independent scene has superseded and transcended a lot of more traditional styles. Rey is a highly advanced luchador, maybe the best of all time. He's set the path for others to fall in his path including Ricochet, but when that happens people have to add to the style in order to not just be another masked Misterio clone. I feel like Ricochet has surpassed Rey in many ways.

    John Cena: Triple H has a tendency to drop the ball in big matches, or at least he has since the turn of the century. Think of how many let down Wrestlemanias the man's had since the year 2000, and the damnedest thing about it is that I don't understand why it keeps happening. He's a proven great wrestler, but somehow when it comes time to be the match of the night he falls flat. Cena never does. Criticize the man for whatever, God knows I have, but he's probably got the lengthiest streak of good PPV main events of anyone in the company.

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  • 2 years ago

    John Cena and the mizz

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    Austin Aries or KENTA- Austin Aries. He's just the better overall performer.....

    He's not only good in the ring; Aries has a lot of charisma & personality.

    Seth Rollins or John Morrison- John Morrison. Both are very versatile performers & high flyers, but Morrison gets the slight edge.

    Sonjay Dutt or Amazing Red-I really haven't seen either one wrestle so I can't say. Moving on....

    Chris Sabin or Alex Shelley- Alex Shelley

    Owen Hart or Randy Savage- Randy Savage. He was a great in-ring performer, he could talk, had very vibrant attire, and he's a wrestler that many people remember. When wrestlers or fans can do their own "impression" of a certain wrestler, then that's one of the signs that the person has left a huge impact ;)

    Bret Hart or Dean Malenko- Bret Hart. Dean Malenko was a great technical wrestler, but Bret Hart...in all honesty....was more exciting to watch, lol. He could adapt to almost any opponent who was across him.

    Ricky Steamboat or Christopher Daniels- Ricky Steamboat.

    Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels- Shawn Michaels. Mr. Wrestlemania, The Heartbreak Kid, the person who came in at #1 in a Royal Rumble and beat out everyone, facing the Undertaker twice, need I say more?

    Chris Jericho or CM Punk- I might be in the minority for saying this, but I like Chris Jericho more. Yes, CM Punk has expressed himself, and I do respect that, but what keeps me from choosing him here is just his disrespect of certain fans & unprofessionalism. Taking fans materials & throwing them in the trash because he didn't want to sign, punching a fan in the face, and walking out on a show just makes Punk look like a guy who really doesn't care about the big picture & would rather go into business for himself.

    Braun Strowman or Kevin Owens- Braun Strowman.

    Daniel Bryan or Shinsuke Nakamura- Daniel Bryan.

    TJP or Neville- T.J.P. Neville is an awesome wrestler and his finisher is probably one of the very best in WWE, but I connect with T.J.P. more.

    Richochet or Rey Mysterio- Tough call. If it's a prime Rey against Ricochet....I'd say it's even.

    Now? I enjoy Ricochet's work more. He's a phenomenal high-flyer and I know that he's going to do big things in WWE.

    Triple H or John Cena- John Cena. I've supported that guy since I was 12 years old, lol. He doesn't get enough credit for how good of a wrestler he is(just Nakamura & Styles saying it isn't enough to me)....

    He has one of the most unique themes in WWE history, he's powerful, a 16 time world champion, and he's also having success outside of the WWE.

    John Cena, at this point of his career, is part of the Mt. Rushmore of wrestling along with Hogan, Rock, & Austin. I don't care if people disagree.

    Nobody in WWE right now has had the same amount of success & is well known outside of wrestling as John Cena.

    The Rock is probably the only exception to that rule, but Cena is definitely up there as a celebrity & one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

    This was 100% off the cuff. Thanks :)

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    • Spyro2 years agoReport

      I don't always agree with him, but Candle is on another level when it comes to his wrestling ,lol. Thank you, I try. I especially try when great users like you answer, and afterwards? I feel like I could have asked a better question, but I don't feel that way after I read your comments.

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