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Agree or disagree: things don’t just happen, they can be controlled or prevented?

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  • I have four autoimmune diseases. My sister has the same four autoimmune diseases. I would love to have prevented this but genes said otherwise. Disagree.

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    Both and neither. If you are asleep in your bed and a jumbo jet slams into your apartment building and kills you, that just happened. Not your fault. No way you could control that. Outside of that however, most everything is controllable. (For example: why does the USA let anyone live in Oklahoma? We should declare the whole state a nature preserve. It would cut the tornado fatality rate in half easy.)

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    One of the most important skills in life is knowing how to distinguish between things you can control and things you can't control.

  • If it is you that is about to do something then yes you can stop yourself from whatever it may be at least most things to an extent. It is really difficult to control what someone else does though.

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    of Chaos later on, but even as Masters, we only control what we control. The best-trained, best equipped, soldier in the world is still only one piece of the entire picture. That's the ... There are things I might not have been able to prevent, but if I don't examine my role, I'll never become better at what I do and a better person.

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    What’s meant to be will be

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    Disagree. Random things happen to ordinary people every day.

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    You CANNOT "control" another peron's actions or thoughts, no matter how much you THINK you can.

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