Can someone please help me find out what movie this is? It was about bulimia & anorexia, and I saw it on Lifetime (I think), in early 2000s.?

Ok, so when I was younger I watched a movie that I think was on Lifetime. I don t have the best recollection of it because I was young, and never have struggled with an eating disorder but I found it riveting. Here are a few clues to help distinguish this film:

1) As stated, I believe we watched it on Lifetime. My mom was very interested in it. It was probably around 2002-2006 when we watched it.

2) The protagonist girl began with bulimia, and I distinctly remember a scene where she was binging on burgers and all sorts of food, and if I remember correctly, she was narrating the scene saying something along the lines of "it was great, I could eat whatever I wanted."

3) She had a friend who also had an eating disorder, and I vividly remember a scene where protagonist girl walks in and comments on how skinny her friend is. Friend replies, "there s no such thing as thin enough." (I think the friend ended up dying but not sure).

4) This is very important: I remember near the end of the movie, protagonist s parents confront the girl specifically about something they found in her closet (maybe jars of vomit? Idk!) That is when parents intervened, as I remember.

I ve searched and found so many other films on eating disorders, but can t pinpoint this one. Can anyone help? I thought it was "Perfect Body," but it is not!

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  • 3 years ago

    Nevermind, I found it!

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